Trendy shoes and sandals for this spring

The colorful patterns, buckles, straps and thick heels, will be hit in the coming season.

Soon the shop to get the first spring models of shoes and sandals. But before go to the store for new pumps, loafers, sandals or slippers, certainly a good look at what the models presented by fashion designers put on the world’s catwalks.

Be open-minded when it comes to these models, because it is a high fashion that is often experimental.

However, some versions of these models will certainly be found in stores. It will be a model and price tailored to the purchasing power of us mere mortals.

Therefore, whatever you liked the models or not, it is about fashion trends that will in some variants found in stores, including the number of female legs.

Sandals on a high thick heel

If you have not purchased last year that a pair of sandals on a higher fat heel, this year you really must not miss. It will be an absolute hit! Monochrome or even better with a sample, it’s up to your choice.


If you are not prone to “ordinary” heels, select some interesting details and heels.

The elegant high-heeled sandals

And for those who prefer the elegance of the thin high heels, certainly will have an interesting selection. Choose the ones with straps and laces around the ankle, which will be a fashion hit.

Flat sandals and shoes on a low heel

If you are not a fan of heels, at least not for everyday wear, you will have a very wide variety of sandals with a low heel and sole, designed for casual moments, but also elegant combinations. Belts, buckles, beads, laces, to you choice…


Choose them for casual and relaxed moments. Models will be colorful than those of simple and monochrome, to the colorful and richly adorned with…

Sandals platform

Last year they found themselves at the feet trendsetter in similar variations, so it will probably be this year … maybe not everyone’s choice, but certainly are indispensable when it comes to fashion trend.

Ballerinas and moccasins

They are excellent for spring transitional period, also are very practical and comfortable for rain and sun … Be sure to select some interesting pattern.