Spring Boho hairstyles for prom or any other occasion (VIDEO Tutorial+photos)

Are you in a dilemma about choose a hairstyle for prom? Surely you want to be trendy, but also to separate the girls from the crowd. So, here we present you some ideas that will surely delight all present and stay long remembered. If you’re a girl with a free spirit that is not afraid of challenges, these hairstyles are definitely selected for you. Therefore, choose one and immediately schedule in your hairdresser. Be playful and cheerful girl who simply no one can remain indifferent!

This spring, flower crown replace with a boho spring hairdos.

These hairstyles are suitable for summer festivals are a big hit this year. Show your free spirit and welcome spring in the right light!

1.Highlights braids

Braids in her hair this season and remain in the trend. Emphasize regular braiding strips of color, which will refresh your spring style. Simply moisten the hair styling cream, select fabric or ribbon that matches your clothes and knit tape in a braid.


Simple and modern … and a great way to hide the sweat from his brow while dancing at the festival. Spray hair spray texture in the hair root and bind wide belt firmly, then lift your hair and you can get extra volume!

3.Tattoos in pieces

Tattoos in the hair are another trend that looks great in the summer sun. Comb your hair and gather it tightly in a ponytail, a tattoo put on a lock of hair or parting. Use a wet towel through the outermost layer of tattoos, hold the towel for about two minutes, and then remove the transparent top layer. Tattoo spray with hairspray.

4.Rings in pieces

This trend is inspired by the hippie style that ruled the sixties. Rings can be used in various ways. You can decorate the braids or any boho style.

5.Colorful thread

Highlight boho hair bright colors, showing everyone around you to truly enjoy the spring sunshine. Use strings in bright colors, and wrap them a lock of hair. Finally attach the beam, and no elastic headband.