The most popular makeup this season – “cut crease” (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

This makeup trend that will particularly suit women with drooping eyelids, but also to every other women, because it’s giving special effect on the eye.

Makeup trends (as they fashion) constantly returning. This year will be one of the most popular makeup look to be a returnee from the sixties

This technique makeup eye refers to clearly define the crease of the eye with two rather different shades (often lighter and darker) at the fold line about – and this is no (or very little) blending between them – how to make the transition clear.

When properly done, this could be a very good look especially for those with medium to very drooping eyelids – because visually raises the eyelids and eyes appear more open. And what is the best you can do so gently and discreetly or very dramatically depending on your mood.

If you are just starting out with makeup or do not do very often, good advice is to start with discreet color shades, and keep the intensity at the outer corner of the eye. Start off gently and slowly updated with intensity blinds. The best way is to look straight into the mirror to accurately hit where you want the “new” crease begins, pull the line where you want it and then blend hood upward.

But let’s go step by step…

1.First the entire upper eyelid apply a lighter shade or shadow in the color that will be the basis for later easier blending darker shades.

2.Eyeliner (if you want something more discreet select brown) on the outer corner of the eyelid edge line your eye in the form, and then pull the line along the lines of the crease. According to the inner corner of the eye reduce the pressure of the pen on the skin to gradually become thinner and inconspicuous.

3.When the draw should look something like this. Do not fret if you did not work at first. Wipe and start from scratch.

4.Using a small liner brush eyeshadow. Blend upper edge of a line drawn in pencil on the upper eyelid. Lower leave as it is, because you later anyway over it to cross the eye-bath.

5.From the line on the upper lid as a guide, and in her soft brush apply a brownish or another shadow of your choice – and blend it up. The lower edge of the line must remain “clean” and accurate.

6.On the lower eyelid, apply black eyeliner and extend it in the “wing” as shown.

7.Eyeshadow you blend on the upper eyelid, which are what mitigated the upper line to crease and apply on the outer half of the lower lid, along lash line.

8.In the end, apply two or three coats of black mascara or for even more dramatic effect lashes.

There are a lot of techniques you can use to make a cut crease makeup.

See the Youtube tutorials…