Hairstyles that would look chic and seductive! These are most popular this year

Some trends are coming back, but this year brings some novelties.

Wavy, smooth, wet, knitted or tousled – hair this spring brings a lot of texture and shine.

The hairstyles that could be seen on catwalks around the world will be able to experiment and women with shorter and longer hair, those who love classic and are not ready for drastic steps forward in terms of hairstyles, but also those who love new challenges and trying out innovations in the field of fashion and beauty.

See what we recommend trends most famous hairdressers and stylists.

1.Curly hair

And last year, voluminous hair was trendy, but then was worn more intense and more curls. This season, the hair is not so much curly wavy – you know the maritime look when the hair becomes naturally wavy of sea and salt. If you do not have naturally wavy hair that you can with the help of foam curling left to dry wavy – will help ordinary braids – on hair, apply mousse but a tangle of two (or one if you have thinner hair) broader braids and leave them overnight. In the morning you will have exactly the look that is popular.


2.Deep parting

Most of us parting has us where hair naturally falls. Change parting small change that can have a very significant effect on how we look, and it could be seen in a number of designers such as Michael Kors, Prada, Lanvin, 3.1 Philip Lima … Even if it is combined with the volume that was popular last season have the right winning combination!


3.Hair accessories

Hair ornaments are popular every year, regardless of the season, but this spring, however, there are several trends that stand out. For Bottega Veneta, Marchese, Fendi and Ashley Williams decoration are shiny and metal and located on the side above or behind the ear. Others have decided stylists and complicated decorations, some of them over the entire head. A very popular and have a variety of tapes – which for tying the tail, which as an ornament around his head.


4.Not just ordinary braids

Braids do not go out of fashion, and why should they when they are very diverse and can be gentle and romantic or totally wacky and rock. That is why many famous hairdressers often use them on the catwalks – for them are braids metaphor for the modern woman – who, if necessary, can be romantic and delicate or completely wild and uninhibited.


5.Diverse bangs

Bangs can very much to complement a beautiful hairdo and pretty face. What style bangs that will be popular this year concerns – will carry the very short and very long bangs, asymmetrical and gradually trimmed too. Your only task is to choose a style that you like best (of course with consultation of your hairdresser that will suggest that style could best suit your face shape).



Last year the seventies were a big hit, and this season the fashion moved in the decade after that. This was reflected in fashion but also in beauty trends. As far as the hair it was a lot of curl, feathering, and zigzag curl, disheveled and tousled mane. Of course, there are the tail side and Delphi – because what the eighties were without it? Fortunately, it is a modern version in which you, if you decide for them, will not be ashamed to leave the house.


7.Wet – slicked and disheveled

Hair, “as if you got out of the pool” was inspired by photographs by Peter Lindbergh and Helmut Newton from the eighties. Hair stylist used on models of oil, cream, gel and foam to achieve varying wet look! Hair can operate completely wetted, or only at the root of the hair, or slicked disheveled. Everything is allowed!