Who has more money – Trump or Putin?!? The ratio will surprise you

The US and Russian presidents are known for their extravagant lifestyle that befits their roles. If you ever wondered which of them is richer, arrives you answer…

Donald Trump and Putin share a love of private airplanes and have dozens of real estate around the world. While Putin his fortune reportedly gained by investing in oil and natural gas, Trump claims to be enriched at the ‘old fashioned way’, or investing in real estate. But there is a big difference between their resources. Assessing Putin’s value is around 200 billion dollars, while Trump to something less than ‘measly’ 4 billion, although the presidential campaign boasted figures of more than $ 10 billion, writes the Daily Mail.

Forbes last year released the weight of his wealth, a noteworthy increase Trump’s debt with 350 million (2015) to 630 million US dollars (2016). Current US President’s inauguration earlier said he would hand over control of his business empire sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, to avoid a conflict of interest during their flights. Known are its holdings in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, hotels in Las Vegas, Chicago and Washington, as well as complex Trump Tower in New York.

What, in turn, Putin is concerned, its value can only speculate. Former KGB agent certainly has his fingers in commercial companies throughout Russia, as well as a bunch of their own property.

– I think that his wealth revolves around 200 billion dollars, according to political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

– After so many years of rule in Russia and the money that the state has acquired, but that is not spent on construction of roads, schools and hospitals, it can be concluded that the bank accounts of Putin and his friends full of cash.

Belkovsky believes that most of Putin’s money came from the oil business, and the Russian president controls 37 percent of the oil company Surgutneftegaz, and 4.5 percent in Gazprom. Some of the most famous evidence of his wealth is the palace on the Black Sea in the value of one billion dollars and yacht Olympia in value of 35 million dollars. Its collection and aircraft and helicopter climbed to 58, and it is speculated that a dozen palaces and watches valued at half a million dollars. Last year was just this tandem was declared the most powerful people in the world, with the first place went to Putin.