Secrets that staff in hotels won’t tell you loudly, but it can save you money!

There isn’t any human who is not thrilled when he books hotel, because we all know what that means – new adventure.

But while you’re sitting in front of computer and looking for the cheapest offer, there are some secrets that you probably do not have in mind.

We discover what employees in hotels would not want to loudly tell you:

1.The same room can get a half price

It has been proven that booking room after 18 pm is much cheaper than early morning.


2.Discounts may be increased

The hotels offer a 30% discount by booking system, but something that is less known is that if you directly call the reception you can negotiate something bigger discount. Especially, in the small hotels or kind of a local hotel.


3.The hotels have many free services

Mostly, if we did not ask for them, no one has to offer. Such as bottled water, irons and hairdryers, mobile phone chargers … Also free to call a taxi or make a restaurant reservation. Some even offer delivery of breakfast to bed, you only need to ask and ask.


4.Can you move to another hotel?

Often hotels are going to make more reservations than they have rooms. So why, you may be asked to move to another hotel that they will offer. If you agree, please note that you can always ask for a more expensive room or as an additional service breakfast and dinner, for the same price at which you have agreed initially.


5.The room is not always perfectly clean

To protect against dirt, however good mulch check before going to bed, wipe cupboards with handkerchief and once again wash the glasses.


6.All rooms are NOT the same

How to convince you in this, believe that if you give a penny plus such perks, you will discover how the rooms actually are different.


7.Do not ask the hotel staff for recommendations

If you need directions how to get somewhere, that’s fine. However, if you want to discover who has the tastiest extension or the cheapest food, do not do it at the reception. Use the Internet. Often, employees receive a bonus for the recommendation of a local, which means the recommendations are realistic and objective.


8.The power of negative marketing

If you experience discomfort such as noise from the next room, don’t fight immediately, but do not stand with arms crossed too. Complain either politely and you will see that the negative marketing and appeals can bring additional dips and services.


9.Mini vaults are not immune from theft

Mini safes are not the best option. It is better to ask the staff in the hotel to put your valuable documents and items in the safe at reception. Up to this safe, accessible is available only to a certain number of persons, unlike the one in your room.