Shocking news: Mega popular singer Lady Gaga admitted that she has a PENIS!

After a long speculation and skepticism on her Hermaphrodite, itself the singer decided to admit that it is a hermaphrodite. With all this she added that with the vagina has a small penis, and says that she was not ashamed.

”This is not something to be ashamed of, just is not something I’m talking about everyone around. It’s true – I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a woman. This is just a small penis and really does not affect my life. Not that I never talked because we really did not matter. It was as if we go around and talk about their vaginas. ”, Said Lady Gaga.

This is considered a great opportunity to help bisexual people to feel better in their bodies. Considers himself sexy, no matter what you have both sexes. – ” Big F*&#… thing! ”

Lady Gaga is the queen of all the clubs and charts hangs out with Paris Hilton and is popular for its unusual outfits and distinctive voice. As announced, her next music video for the song ‘Love game’ should be provocative and earlier.

If you still do not believe in the story, you can convince yourself but if you look at Gaga’s crotch.


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