The best tips for weight loss by Dr. Oz which you probably don’t know yet

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A healthy lifestyle and slim figure is not just a trend. In fact, the name itself says “way of life”. So it is not surprising that you are interested about healthy lifestyle. You probably watched Dr. Oz shoes so many times, but here’s some tips that are very helpful and will help you feel better, not only to lose weight.

The best tips for weight loss, Dr. Oz

Try as we can not manage to get rid of your excess weight? If you’re sick of failed diets and frustration because of this, perhaps the popular Dr. Mehmet Oz (who was his media career began at the Oprah Winfrey Show to now had his own show which breaks box office records) has a solution for you. These are tips that really got the attention of the public, but here’s also some may not know yet…

Chop food

So you can reduce the amount of food you eat and deceive your own brain to eat more – all only with the help of foods that are chopped finer. When you burn the food on the plate, it apparently takes more space but the portions seem larger. Look at this plate of your brain sends signals that you need to slow down the feeding and you are really getting fed up. The researchers found that when the meal chopped – most people eat up to 25 percent less food.

Barley for breakfast

Stop eating pate or salami on bread and switch to barley. This is the food of which you will quickly be fed and that balances blood sugar levels. One serving of barley contains 5 grams of fiber, which means it will be fuller, so you will not need to eat too much for lunch. Barley is excellent because it can be combined with a variety of other foods – fruits and vegetables, and proteins. As the barley is concerned, rather dial peeled because it has more fiber and nutrients.

Sour before meals

Pickled vegetables have a secret weapon: vinegar. This component provides a dilute acetic acid dose, which creates a pungent taste in your tongue and helps to balance blood sugar levels. It is crucial, especially if you eat junk food (say fast food) after which insulin levels is rapidly growing, but very soon and fall so you hungry again quickly. Acetic acid in pickled food helps keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable. But do not go overboard with pickled vegetables because it contains a lot of sugar or salt (or both). Enough to be a pickle or two before a meal (or a little pickled peppers, cabbage, cauliflower …).

 Eat hot soup

One cup of hot soup before lunch and dinner will help to reduce calorie intake. How? Eating or drinking hot soup slowly – giving the brain time to realize that you become full, so you eat less during the main meal. When it comes to soups, avoid thick soup from the bag because they have a lot of fat and calories.

 Cheese for a snack

A recent study conducted at Cornell University found that replacing unhealthy snacks, such as chips, with a combination of cheese with low-fat and vegetable consumption of food between meals can reduce by 72 percent. The combination of cheese and vegetables provide enough calcium and protein, so you will not have enough to eat to make you feel fed. Most of us do not even pay attention to casual snacks to eat during the day, and those under research are about 600 extra calories a day. Eating cheese and vegetables in between meals, this number may decrease by half.

 Spicy for breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but here’s another advice (which is not related to carbohydrate): when you eat hot breakfast, it will be a smaller appetite for lunch, according to Dr. Oz. The taste of hot peppers affects the satiety center in the brain, but later you will not be so hungry. What is the advice Dr. Oz? Chop the red hot peppers in an omelet or eat the salad.