Nudity for fame @ Paris Fashion Week: Nicki Minaj with a naked breast; Azealia just in Thong…

When it comes to celebrities, there is only one rule and it’s very simple: Nudity attach paparazzi and publicity. And that rule is well known to everybody, including Nicki Minaj, Azealia and many more. So, according to that every celebrity when wants to attach attention shows up almost nude.

This “rule” was used a few days ago by Nicky Minaj and Azealia on Fashion Week in Paris, France. There’s nothing much to say, the photos speaks themselves, so see them and share with us your opinion about this?

Do you think it’s OK to “play” on nudity card just to catch more likes on social media, or you feel more conservative and you’re switching to the traditional principles and behavior?

Fashion Week in Paris, two rap girls decided to discover a little more than you would expect.

First, Nicki Minaj the show of Haider Ackermann got one breast exposed.

Then, following her courage for striping, Azealia Banks showed his ass.

Banks show entertainment Moncler and Greg Lauren ‘Collide’ stroll in the jacket; boots and shorts behind that fully reveal thong and buttocks.