Abramovich own the biggest yacht in the world – Eclipse

The largest private yacht in the world, 163 meters long, “Eclipse,” the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, arrived this morning in the Bay of  Kotor, where he will remain until Monday on a link in a luxurious Tivat marina for mega yachts “Porto Montenegro”.

The yacht “Eclipse” has even 13,564 gross tons and was the size of a small cruise ship, and its value is estimated at nearly one billion dollars.

There are so many, from the originally estimated 330 million euros, increased the final price of its construction because of the extra luxury equipping the interior of yachts and special Abramovich requires that safety and security.

Long 163, 22 wide and with a draft of 5.5 meters, this yacht was built in 2010 in Germany, in the famous shipyard “Blohm & Wash”.

The yacht has one main and 17 smaller super luxury suites, two swimming pools, and two helicopter landing platforms, equipped with a mini-submarine and special confidential system to counter a possible attack on the missile.

The area around the Abramovich main salon and his personal apartment on the yacht is shielded, all the windows on the boat were impenetrable, a yacht even has a special laser system to dazzle lenses of photographers who would like to distance from the “catch” an event deck “Eclipse”.

The yacht can accommodate up to 36 passengers, whose comfort and safety worries as much as 70 crew members. Driven by a diesel-electric propulsion system with 4 MTU engines and two azipod, with which can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots.

Due to its enormous size, Abramovich often has trouble tying in well-known international marinas that simply do not have adequate capacity to private yacht size cruisers.

At the end of August Abramovich had with “Eclipse” to remain at anchor off fashionable French nautical center of Antibes, where Russian oligarch has a villa, because the local marina, which was already in half the yacht by a Saudi prince, had space to the bond accept and “Eclipse.”

No such problems in Tivat, where the “Porto Montenegro”, built on the foundations of military shipyards which was operated by large warships, easily accepted Abramovich billion dollars worth of floating wonder.


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