The secret to a healthy life from a woman who survived cancer and looks decades younger – 6 cups of tea every day

A woman who survived breast cancer, now proudly shows her figure and explains how he maintained.

For Sue Liming, many would argue that it is in her 30s, but she has 51 years.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to forget about unhealthy habits and not only failed to cure, but also seemed to at least two decades younger and perfectly slender figure.

The secret of her youthful appearance is that she avoids animal foods and drinks 6 cups of tea per day.

“People say I look like I’m between 35 and 43 years, so that every day is getting younger. They can not believe how old I am when I tell them. “- Said Liming.

“I never dreamed that I’ll manage to live so long, and so I look as I look at 51 years. I never dreamed barely wait to wear a swimsuit like Baywatch “- added.

Sue is guided by rigorous diet and beauty regime to look like she does.

“I walk every day, meditate and drink a lot of herbal teas” – she said.

“I never step back from my diet and reduce the quantity of sugar I eat” – she adds.

“I do not drink sodas or alcohol, but sometimes I allow myself a glass of red wine” – explains.

She no longer eats meat, meat and dairy products and eating 8 servings of vegetables throughout the day.

But Sue has not always lived well. At a young age, she drank every day and worked 12 hours until 2007 when she was diagnosed with progressive breast cancer. Doctors told her that she wouldn’t live more than 5 years. But that only motivated to start living healthy. In 2009, things changed drastically and managed to be cured of cancer through changes in lifestyle.