Don’t miss to visit: Wonderful destinations in Europe

We invite you to walk through the most idyllic places of the old continent, where each passing moment is a real feast for the senses.

Forget for a moment the popular Paris, Barcelona and London and allow us to discover that everything else has to offer Europe all world travelers and adventure travelers.

Large and small, urban and vivid, familiar and intimate – on our list are 20 European destinations that will fall in love at first sight. Each of them is different, but equally excited with the ambience and beauty.

What is your choice?


1.Positano, Italy

Positano is a small and colorful seaside town which sweeps the Italian Amalfi coast. Gives sighs architecture and colorful painted facades of the houses, and spectacular cliffs that surround it and which lie, however, are the perfect place for enjoying the sunset and the view of the blue sea.


2.Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a Belgian town with a small area, but enormous charm, known for its canals, culture and chocolates. The best preserved and most beautiful medieval city looks like a historical theme park. The cobbled streets of the old city core, part of which is declared world cultural inheritance, branched around the main square and the most important cultural monuments can be reached on foot in just ten minutes.

3.Lake Como, Italy

If you ever wanted to get away from everything, then Lake Como is the perfect place for you. Small surrounding towns, ferries that connect, impressive villas and delicious local delicacies are just a small part of all what this idyllic location has to offer and what your flight will become an experience to remember.

4.Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov ranks first on the list for the most charming cities in the Czech Republic. In the summer, this small town from which you shared only fleeting bus from Prague crowded with travelers from all over the world. However, regardless of years of age, the city will delight you with its primordial beauty and affordability whenever you visit.

5.Kotsvolds, England

Kotsvolds a group of towns in rural England, and is recognized by all of the houses and buildings are made of white limestone. The best time to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Kotsvolds is summer, when everything is blossoming and full of wildlife. If you seek peace and quiet, for sure you’ll find them, and shade from the surrounding forests will protect from the summer heat.


6.Oulanka National Park, Finland

If you love the “Chronicles of Narnia” and are looking for a place that would be equally magical and the film then you need to look further. Oulanka National Park in Finland is all that and much more, especially in winter, when everything is covered with white snow cover.

7.Colmar, France

If you are looking for a city that is as handsome as the postcard, the picturesque city of Colmar is for you. Situated on the eastern border of France with Germany, the city is a blend of the better of the two countries, with fascinating Franco-German style of architecture, culture and gastronomy.