DIET WITHOUT CARBOHYDRATES – you will never go hungry and lose up to 20kg in 3 weeks (NEW)


This diet comes from the United States and is very effective. The point is to exclude the intake of carbohydrates in our body, to help the body to cleanse itself of fat deposits, and to begin to burn fat. The most important thing is that with this diet, you will not be hungry, you do not need to eat three times a day, do not need to weigh food nor specifically prepare meals.

HOW IT WORKS: The complete removal of the introduction of carbohydrates in our body, our own fat deposits just begin to melt.

The diet is best to start on Monday. The first six days you lose ten pounds, and every next day easier for you one kilogram. For 24 days so you can lose up to 20 kg.

FOODS THAT MAY BE CONSUMED: All kinds of meat: beef, chicken, veal, pork, lamb, goose, duck, turkey, all kinds of liver, venison, and this in every way except fried. So not eat cooked, baked, barbecue, dried meats, sausages, all kinds of meats, in addition to hot dogs.

ALL FISH: saltwater fish, freshwater fish and all kinds of canned fish.

ALL TYPES OF SALAD: Fresh green peppers fresh or roasted, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh or pickled cabbage, beetroot, seafood salad, salad onions, green and red chicory, spinach fresh salad, all salads seasoned with oil, vinegar, salt , pepper chutney – as you want and you can eat eggs in all ways.

ALL KINDS OF VEGETABLES: Cauliflower, chard, spinach, leeks, kale, cabbage, sour or sweet, asparagus, black bryony, artichokes, eggplant, kohlrabi, carrots, parsley, celery, pickled beets, Brussels sprouts.

YOU CAN DRINK: Mineral water, tonic water, recommended green tea without sugar. Mandatory or sodium saccharin, half a liter of white or red wine allowed only after the sixth day of the beginning of the diet.

Lemonade and lemons are allowed.


1. Bread, potatoes, flour, rice, lentils, beans, peas, and bread crumbs, fried meat, pasta, peanut, hazelnut, hot dogs. No roux is not in one dish


2. ANY TYPE OF DAIRY PRODUCTS – milk, butter, sour or sweet cream, yogurt, kefir, various dairy and fruit puddings, margarine, cream, even a kind of cakes, sweets, sugar, chocolate, snacks sweet or salty, ice cream. Neither one type of cheese and any kind of fruit is allowed.

To make up for the need for the above-mentioned food, it is required to take the following vitamins, and to use the initial day of the diet: vitamin C, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

This diet can keep as many days as you want to lose pounds. When you reach your desired weight, you will need two years to once again start to gain weight.

The hardest part is the first six days. If you hang in there, still all easy because the stomach every day squeeze and demand for food is getting smaller and smaller.

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  1. Not very clear some of it does not make sense for example under you can drink?
    half litre of white wine or litre spritzer allowed only after the sixth day of the beginning of a child, or you can use during baby vegetable wine? what does that mean?
    Under Bread potatoes flour rice
    what is tonsils?
    No roux is not in one dish?
    take following vitamins and to use the initial day of the child? what does this mean? does not make sense to me…

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