8 BEAUTY LESSONS by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy, one of the most popular First Ladies of the United States, will always be known as one of America’s biggest style icon. Although she’s no longer with us, she will always be considered as an icon of natural beauty. So we have singled out a few beauty tips Jackie Kennedy that you can use in your daily routine.

Clean your face with soap containing ingredients of the Dead Sea

Jackie has always been able to experiment with different types of cosmetic products, but my favorite was her soap with ingredients of the Dead Sea. Soap is made from mud of the Dead Sea, and is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and an excellent rejuvenating and peeling.

Choose your own perfume

Jackie is always smelled the same, and so did the perfume exclusively “your”. Choose a fragrance that best suits you and be faithful to it.

Nonchalant look

When you have a bad-hair day, use Jackie’s “trick”. Over hair tie a silk scarf, a look of complete large glasses that will cover up any irregularity.

Invest in expensive face cream

To prevent aging, Jackie has always invested in expensive face cream that would help her to preserve youthful looks and visible hydrate the skin.

Let your eyebrows always look perfect

Note regularly editing eyebrows. In addition, there are a variety of pen which you can fix irregularities, fill in the blanks and nice shape them.

Lipstick as a major addition

Although Jackie Kennedy loved the minimalist look, she never appeared without a rose. Just like Jackie, you can combine lipstick with clothes you wear.

Oil tops protect your hair

Coiffure Jackie Kennedy is considered one of the best known and most hairstyles of the time. But surely we all know that about myself had a team of experts who took care of her hair. What you can do for your hair is that they protect high-quality oil to keep it healthier.

Using powder

As well as face cream, powder that you use should be of better quality in order to better conceal irregularities, but also preserve the quality of the skin.