IGGY AZALEA: World’s Best Vagina!

Considering as one of the most beautiful women in the world of hip hop, Iggy Azalea was never ashamed to admit that he had some help, which means going under the knife. While receiving the award from GQ, open rapper spoke about a particular part of your body that is most proud of, and in what kind of world class.

Iggy Azalea returned to the place of his birth, Australia, to receive GQ “Woman of the Year” award, but she has been given a different name. For rap artists, this award marked the size of specific parts of the body. Blonde rapper, who is known for her sexy body, has decided to rename this award.

“Thank you very much, I did not realize that everyone will have this funny saying and I did not prepare anything this week,” she said when she received her award from GQ. “I won a number of awards in recent years, but this definitely means the most to me, because finally I can say that I have a prize for the winner of the vagina.”

Rapper has explained what she meant: “This is great for me; I have the best vagina in the world. How do you say “no” to that … You just can’t say “no”. “Azalea also states that she doesn’t care for the “Woman of the Year ” award, but rather for” vagina year. ”

Further explains why the renamed award: “I’d like to call the” Vagina year “. I do not know why you’re attracted to. I just think it’s funny to get down to the vagina sometimes. Vagina’s year is a great success, the number one in Australia.”

She realized that not all share the same sense of humor, but adds an accidental feminist view of the award: “The people will not get the joke, but it is funny because (in the media) a woman is reduced to the vagina. One day I’m vagina-man, another man himself.”

Not only are all talking about her genitals after the speech, but the fans watched in her open jacket that showed new enhanced cleavage. It was open when talking about plastic surgery and proud of the work that is done.

Speaking to E! News, reminded his chest: “I love them so much that I have to talk about them. They all said that they think that I should not tell anyone because no one will know because they are so small. I said, I know, but I’ll just say because I’m a talker! ”

“I’d feel better if I did not have a secret,” she said Iggy, “It’s much more freely express it and then you do not have to fear that someone will turn up.” It has already been revealed for “Vogue” that she had plastic surgery on her breasts “I changed something: four months ago, I have bigger breasts! I’ve been thinking about it all my life. ”

Although he thinks he has the best vagina in the world, is not always so confident. “I do not know. Sometimes I just want to crawl into the cave because it does not feel confident, “she told the Today Australia,” and then other days I feel great. ”

Surprisingly, she added: “I think it is so for all human rights, not only for women. I think that sense of self, 100 percent, every day is something to be admired, but do not know if it’s possible for everyone. Also, I think it’s just a moment honest with yourself and other people, and the recognition and acceptance of its flaws or things that I feel bad, I can fix it myself. ”