Find out why young women wear the veil at the wedding

The traditional feature of a wedding veil is certainly carrying a bride. But in modern times, more often it’s worn as part of the wedding outfits, with no indication of tradition. Do you know where it came from this tradition and how she really old?

This supplement traditional wedding dates back to the period of the Roman Empire. Then the bride was covered with so-called “flammeumom”, red sheet. The aim of this costume was that it looks as if the bride burning driven to evil spirits which the plan was to ruin her wedding. Also, long sheets had another function, and that is to prevent the bride escape.

In some religions veil a sign of humility and tribute to the deity during religious ceremonies. In the Victorian era, the veil has become a status symbol. Weight, length and quality denoting the bride’s status, and thus the bride of the royal family had the longest veil and wedding dress.

Also, according to superstition, it is considered that the lovers follow bad luck if the groom to see the bride before the wedding.