Don’t spend a lot of money on useless beauty products: The perfect products for beautiful hair

Let your hair looks nice and healthy. Hair is one of the strongest female attributes. It can completely change our appearance and make us more beautiful and attractive, but sometimes we can be a real hassle.

With a couple of practical advice and quality products, we can do your routine hair care quicker and easier and allow us hair is always beautiful and healthy.

Do not dry your hair with a towel – toweling hair denies moisture (because your hair is perhaps the electrified). Rather hair wrings even in the bath, and if you can not get no towels – please reduce it to a minimum and brief mild pat.

A quality brush works wonders – When it comes to combing some will say that it is necessary to minimize, some that need more. What is most important of all this is what kind of brush you use. The brush of boar hair will help simply add shine to the hair.

Regular haircuts – split ends make hair messier and less brilliant – so they must be regularly cut. And this is especially true for short hair. If you try to leave, but plan to skip regular haircuts – it will only lead to subsequent cracking hair and even more split ends – at different lengths so you will know them and later shortened and difficult to remove.

Stress, dirt or inappropriate routines – your hair is faced with a number of external and internal factors that contribute to more fat. L’Oreal Paris Elseve representing you a solution in 2017 – our first ritual enriched clays, ingredients that have long been known for its purifying and beautifying properties.

Dry hair, normal hair, greasy hair … sebum is produced at the crown of the head, any type of hair you have, and wraps strands of hair from root to tip. When sebum is present in the normal range, it “lubricates” strands of hair and protects them from external influences. However, very quickly is an excessive sebum and then: a piece of the fat at the root of the hair takes on a lifeless appearance, and its styling is more difficult because it becomes difficult.

A power of extraordinary clay line is hydrating ritual, enriched with three kinds of clay:

Absorbing clay known for its capacity to absorb excess sebum from the scalp of the head

Cleansing clay known for its capacity to assist in the gentle cleansing of hair

Balancing the clay helps the strands back optimal freshness and lightness.

The Elvive Extraordinary clay mask is applied to a dry scalp before shampooing, it is necessary to leave 5 minutes to absorb excess sebum and impurities. Rinse with water and after which the hair is ready for shampooing.

Shampoo Elvive Extraordinary clay to thoroughly cleansed and hydrated hair

The new formula silicone-free, thoroughly cleans the entire length of hair.

Shampoo Elvive Extraordinary clay to thoroughly cleansed and hydrated hair

Creamy, light texture envelops the hair, making hair smooth along the entire length.