MAKE YOUR OWN PERFUME completely natural

One of the more creative ways of applying aromatherapy certainly is making their own perfume. It offers us a wide range of scents that can be used and thus get an excellent natural perfume.

For personal use perfumes can be made in vegetable oil or 96 percent alcohol. Oil perfumes gentler and the smell of the skin can stay away from four to six hours, as opposed to alcoholic ones which vapors much faster. The development of the jojoba oil because it is oil that is difficult to spoil and no smell that masked the smell of essential oils.

Before the development it is important to know that essential oils are divided according to the volatility on three notes or groups – upper, middle and lower notes. The top note contains citrus oils, herbs, oils conifers such as bergamot, tangerine, lemon and the like. These scents provide the initial perfume odor and fumes quickly. The middle note we include oils derived from flowers (geranium, ylang yland, clary sage, etc.), and bind the essential oils from the “top notes”, extend their duration and create a transition from the upper to the lower note. Finally, the base notes group consisting of oils that are obtained from the root of the tree, seeds, resins, and the like. They have deep and intense odors and retard evaporation and prolong battery life.

To create a nice and pleasant perfume, all three notes must be represented, and the top note should prevail (40-50 percent).

Come on ladies, try it and share your experience with us!