Detect the truth: 5 things about men that every woman should know

In ordinary conversations, we often hear that men are unfathomable. But is this really so? Of course, there are people that are more difficult to understand, and those who understand immediately. Psychotherapist and relationship expert Jed Diamond says every woman to understand the man, should know these five things:

We are more alike than you think

There is a book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” that highlights their differences, yet all strive for the same things. We need love, support, tenderness and it is a universal feeling and needs.

Respect each other’s differences

Each person is an individual for himself; each sex is different from the other. But that does not mean that because someone is better or superior. It should be considered that, although the male and female organisms are different, the best way to understand each other on an individual basis, not through sexual characteristic.

Familiarity with other men

Modern times emotional or physical intimacy between men (for example, a hug, which is at the female is considered normal) is associated with negative connotations. When growing up, boys are taught that they must maintain their masculinity, often early distancing from the father and the like. But mutual closeness can only enhance their role of father, husband, friend and man.

Craving and fear occur simultaneously

When a male sensation of desire for someone of the opposite sex, at the same time he has a feeling of fear. The most common fear is that they will be emotional rejection, but also the fact that in their lives will enter and overcome women.

They want equality, love, support and acceptance as well as women

Usually it is believed that women who need these things. But we should not forget that men feel the need for love as well as women because they are for a successful marriage and relationship love, support, acceptance and equality very important.


So, women do you knew all that?