New hit in healthy eating – Ghee butter: How to do it and what is good?

Ghee is butter clarified butter. It is obtained through a process of melting of ordinary butter, n which fat disappears, and protein and dairy substances are separated by a spoon. Ghee butter as opposed to normal not malfunctions and should not be refrigerated before use.


How to do it?

You need a plain, unsalted butter. For the first time take about half a kilogram. When you learn the procedure, increase the amount. Place the butter in a clean saucepan and cook over low heat until completely melted (about 10 minutes). Simmer another 45 minutes.

During that time the top and bottom will notice how emerging contaminants. Those from the top remove with a spoon. Do not stir the mixture.

Dirt will constantly appear on the surface and constantly have to clean it. After 45 minutes turn off the hotplate and allow cooling. When cool, pour it in the bowl in which you plan to store it carefully, without debris from the bottom.

You can also use filter bags for coffee safer.

The remains of the bottom and top discard them without thinking.


Why this butter is healthier than ordinary?

First, it I cleaner than the ordinary one; second, more easily tolerated high temperatures during cooking. It doesn’t emit free radicals as other oils, which are dangerous to health.

Reduces bad cholesterol and prevent cancer, clogged arteries and diabetes.

It helps in regulating body weight. Improves digestion and also protects the lining of inflammation.

Excellent effect on the skin and provides shine and hydrates. It also can be used for skin redness or scars.

It is full of A, D, E and K vitamins which are very important for brain health, and resistance to the immune system.


How to use?

You can use it as plain butter, prayer or cooking. Also used instead of body balm or cream, because great is absorbed into the skin and nourishes. Use it literally with everything and as you want because there’s no adverse effects.