Enter a New World Trends in Exercises and Diets

A few years ago the trend was the diet “in the zone” and “UN diet”, while in the fitness centers at many danced the Zumba and practicing Pilates…

Nowadays fashion gluten-free diet, or LCHF diet, green smoothies, as well as running. Although all of the listed former and present trends in healthy and effective, the fact remains that most of us are subject to trends and new, revolutionary ways of weight loss and putting the body in good shape. Most importantly, whether it is a new or an old trend, is that it works.

If you like to follow trends, we bring you the trends that are associated with a healthy diet and exercise and who will occupy most of the Western world this year.

 Boxing – One of the oldest sports in the world, but now it is accepted and women, or actresses, singers and models.

 Vitamins – now its new generation of vitamins that improve energy levels and have the necessary nutritional value, is also proud of transparency when it comes to the ingredients of the products, no GMO, vegan and do not contain allergens.

 Protein supplements – No protein preparations are not new, but the market came out a new anti-aging, wellness and other medicinal products which are placed in the fruit and vegetable shakes, and called them “powder for inner beauty”.

 Matcha Green Tea – This is a Japanese green tea of which are stored teas, do smoothies, shakes, juices, ice cream, and everything is green.

Rock climbing – climbing artificial rock in the open or closed, the new absolute hit for the fit form and strengthen muscles.

 Adaptogenic – For the past several years and used them the biggest advocates of healthy living, or their method of application has never been so wide as today. It is a blend of various natural ingredients, natural or herbal preparations which help to reduce stress and increase energy levels. This is adding a variety of drinks and meals.

 Fitness gauges, watches and heart rate monitors – Even though many before them very effectively practiced and achieved excellent results, new research has shown that gauges forcing their owners to move their limits of endurance, by allowing for better results.