Beauty Tips: How to remove pimples instantly

Face acnes only bring trouble. In addition, they always appear at the most inconvenient moment to be with them, just a few 12:00. What to do in such an emergency? Our tips will help you to solve a rash for just one day.

How to remove pimples in one day extrusion process

  • How to remove pimples in one day drugs
  • How to remove acne for one day with the help of folk remedies
  • Prevention of acne

How to remove pimples in one day extrusion process

Wipe – this is probably the fastest and most popular way of dealing with acne. But, despite that, the rules extrusion knows only a few.

Note the “push” only those points that are fully ripe, otherwise you run the risk of swelling of the skin. To determine the level of maturation pimple, press a finger to the area of inflammation. But if it will not have any pain, we can safely move on to the next step.

Carefully crafted and hand over the pimple alcohol. Carefully press the administration to heart inflammation. Manure should be completely free of the bottom of the sebaceous glands.

Now, treat the wound with alcohol and wash tar soap. It is recommended to apply for the next two days. But inside, you can take “Enterosgel” – a drug that regulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins from the body.

You can also treat pimples former fat “Basiron”.

How to remove pimples in one day drugs

People with skin problems should always be in possession of a cream or gel for acne instant action. Apply it immediately, as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

Several times a day, wipe the face with alcohol for face wash, and then put the gel or cream on the spot. “Zineryt” is a product which contains antibiotics and zinc that effectively treat dermal inflammation. And you can find it in every better supplied pharmacy.

Well proven Salicylic-zinc ointments and tea tree oil.

How to remove acne for one day with the help of folk remedies

Lubricate the skin around the pimple with olive oil and apply it to the pulp garlic cloves. Keep these masks can only 1.5-2 minutes, otherwise you can get burned.

Beat the protein in narrow foam and apply it to the place of the rash. Hold for 20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Pour over dry grass and flowers of rosemary (1 tbsp. L.) of boiling water (100 g.) And let the mixture to stand for an hour. Then burden soup and wipe them with pimples.

Mix oatmeal (1 hr. L.) and vegetable oil (1 hr. L.) and apply resources to pimples. 30 minutes later, remove the remnants of the mask damp swab, and after another hour, repeat the process. 2-3 repetitions – and pimples will disappear without a trace!

Prevention of acne

As you know, the best treatment is prevention. Following the basic rules, forget about acne forever.

  • Always wash off makeup at night.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wipes soft, clean towel.
  • Be sure to wash them before sport.
  • Limit the sweet, fatty, and smoked. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, to keep the skin fresh and clean is no big deal. Stay beautiful ladies!