61 years old and no lines! The model reveals the secret of her youthfulness

Yazemeenah Rossi reveals her beauty secrets, but these are the secrets launched in the very top of the fashion industry!

It was a gray-haired grandmother who won the world of fashion editorial for their swimsuits. She was born in France but now lives in California and is the most wanted older model worldwide. She revealed recently her secrets that are responsible for her seamless way, beautiful long hair and a face without wrinkles. Sixty-one-year Yazemeenah “maintain” their youthful appearance products that are available to everyone. The benefits of olive oil for daily production of face masks, and to add a little more luster skin, peeling added sugar.

Her hair is treated with simple and natural products: rapeseed.

“I come from areas where olive oil is used for all. I put him on the face and the hair. Media assure us that we need a lot of things in order to look good.” she said.

Her good looks attributed to diet. Her diet is mostly organic, and revolves around vegetables, quality meat and fish, fruit, nuts and avocados a day.