Diamond necklace with AMAIZING price

This egg-shaped diamond necklace, found in a lump of rock by a poverty-stricken African girl, has gone on sale – as the centrepiece of the world’s most expensive necklace. Known as L’Incomparable, the flawless yellow gem has more than 407 carats. 

The necklace is studded with 90 white diamonds weighing nearly 230 carats and it can be yours for £34million. This amazing rare beauty was created by luxury jeweller Mouawad and is being offered for sale at a Singapore jewellery show. Only serious potential buyers will get the chance to try it on. For the L’Incomparable is protected by an army of security guards, plain-clothed supervisors, cameras, and motion detectors.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk