Select the appropriate bra

More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra. To learn how to provide the best grip on the chest should be done:

  1. The most common mistake when choosing a bra size is too large or too small baskets and choosing bras from the eye, as they usually choose bras that look beautifully, not the best match. That’s why by metro to measure your chest (not building). Measurement is important subway not be loose and be a straight line. Different size 5 cm, so that if the measured size of 83 cm. then the size of bra would be 85 cm.
  2. Next thing that needs to be taken is the choice of basket that fits. The baskets should be neither too small nor too large. Those women who fall into those 80% who have a problem with a bra, often have a problem with too small basket. In the re-measurement, measure the chest, in a straight line towards the nipples. Now there are two measures, one to the chest and one to the chest, and their difference giving the size of the baskets (e.g. chest range from 85 cm, chest 70, and their difference is 15. It is the size B.

Difference range                                                     Size


10cm.                                                                              A


15cm.                                                                              B


17,5cm.                                                                          C


20cm.                                                                             D


22,5cm.                                                                          E



  1. The best advice for women with large breasts is when you find the right bra to put their hands in the air. If everything remains in place, then that’s what they see fit.
  2. Women with small breasts should ask bras with enhanced baskets. Although these women almost never need a bra, these baskets help in highlighting the silhouette under clothes.
  3. Do not save. This may be the best advice in relation to appointments. Product quality is parallel to its cost.

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