How to remove a stain from red wine to clothing?

Is there any worse than when at a celebration to spill red wine on a dress?

Aside from ruining your look for the evening, you are in danger to lose and your favorite clothes!

In this case should be fast, but more importantly SMART react.

We’ve all heard that white wine removes the stain of black … However, things are not so simple.

See instructions on how to effectively remove the stain of red wine – so that fresh as soft.


It’s the best moment to react, because then the stains did not reach the deeper layers of fabric, and the greater the chance that is removed.


White wine,



Baby powder,

Carbonated water or soda,

Boiled water.

Note: This method is safe for all types of fabric, or certainly the first try it on a hidden, small part of the wardrobe to be sure that they would not remove the color.


Step 1: Put an old towel under the stain that cannot be copied on the other hand, however, the old gauze or cloth push the stain to soak up excess liquid. Press can do to rub the stain as this will spread and maturity deeper into the fabric, and then it will be harder to remove.

Step 2: Soak the stain with white fine, but in the same way to pick up excess liquid. If this does not help the matter is serious and you should try the following steps.

Step 3: On the spot sprinkle with salt or baking soda, and baby powder and leave to stand for a while. They will pull soda or color; a powder is inquiries.

Step 4: If your wardrobe should not be washed at a high temperature, spread it, and boiling water sprinkle with such ode to pass through the fabric of the place spotless.

Step 5: After all this, wash your clothes in cold water and dry them on the air.


As we have said removing crusted stains from red wine is more difficult, but not impossible.


Detergent for dishes that does not have the properties of bleach nor alkaline,

Hydrogen peroxide (3%),


Paper towels,

Potassium tartrate pasta,



Note: As in the first case, first the testing of fabric on this method. It is essential that the whole process sneaker, but not chafe. Process stain from the outside towards the center, as this will prevent it from spreading.



Step 1: Place a towel under the stain that cannot be copied to the other side of the garment. Dab the stain mixture of dishwashing detergent and Hydrogen peroxide (3%) in the ratio 1: 2.

Step 2: If the first step fails to remove the stain, it dabs paste mixture of potassium tartrate and water. Leave to stand for 5 min, then remove the paste using a wet towel.

Step 3: When the stains removed, wash clothes in cold water. Remove it on an air.

So, next time you have a problem like this, try it and let us know your experience!