Money can’t make you a lady, but good manners can! Guide for ladies’ manners!

The lady does not have to wear the latest and most expensive “patches”, but it must always be clean, neat and take care of their behavior.

1. Get dressed like a lady
No, the clothes really make the man, but the best way to start to feel like a lady that way and look. Skirt or dress contributes feminine appearance, but that does not mean we should forget about the pants. Femininity involves taking on the appearance, which means it does not need to go with a stain on your shirt or wear colors that “do not speak” with one another. Also, keep in mind that the ladies do not swear – at least not in public.
2. Posture
The way in which the ladies walk, sit, move, essentially different from the way they do women who are not very feminine. Have you ever seen a princess or queen to walk hunched? Certainly not! The ladies walk right back, proudly and with style. When you sit down, cross your legs whenever possible.
3. Also important is the tone
On your voice color, you can not influence, but the tone in which you speak, you can. A pleasing lady still speaks softly, loudly enough to be heard, but never cry in public.
4. Actions speak louder than words
We know you’ve already heard countless times, but really, let your work speak for you and you will be more feminine than ever! Women who say one thing and do another, no one really see as a lady.
5. Behavior is important
Even if she was dressed in the latest fashion, sassy or woman who flirts with everyone, it’s hard to be seen as a lady by others. Thus, the emphasis put on the behavior!
6. Manners
The coolest and most beautiful girl in the world can not be regarded lady if you do not know what good manners are. Keep in mind that your kindness to others, speaks for you; everything that you use on a daily basis, whether you chew with your mouth closed, a reflection of your femininity and good manners.
7. Modesty
In a world where every day we see the girls, posing and parading just to attract attention; it’s easy to think that this is OK. You don’t need to be wrapped from head to toe, if you do not want to, but slightly more moderate, more closed clothing is another step toward womanhood.
8. Awareness
For a true lady, it is important to both education and general knowledge – it serves not only to watch, but should also have its position on topics that interest you.

So, my Ladies, pay attention next time you find in a situation when is very important to stay calm and act like a lady 