Would you try it? Expensive as hell – Salad!!!

Most people took salad as starter and it definitely isn’t the most expensive meal they eat for lunch. But head this up! When you hear about most expensive salad in the world, probably think it’s sprinkled with edible gold leaf and topped with enormous sparkly diamonds. Although, the dish is deserving of the price tag—even if it does have a bit of gold leaf, however, the cost is high because the ingredients in the salad.

Chef Raymond Blanc created the most expensive salad at the Hempel Hotel in London in observance of Florette National Salad Week in 2003. The salad took six hours to create and included such fine ingredients as Florette Baby Leaf salad, beluga caviar, grated truffle, potatoes decorated with gold leaf, Cornish crab and lobster and 30-year-old balsamic vinegar. The 50 grams of Almas golden caviar made from the eggs of albino and Oscietre sturgeons and formerly reserved for Russian tsars, is the true draw of this sumptuous salad.

The Florette Sea and Earth Salad came to £635.60 (US $1,013) to create—and the costly caviar alone accounted for £600!

Well, it looks delicious, doesn’t it?
Source: The Most Expensive Journal