Paraty – a small paradise in the shadow of the great Rio de Janeiro

Paraty is a historic place in the administration area of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important cities in Brazil. Inhabited in 1667 by the Portuguese, the city strategically grew during the 18th century because the export of founded gold in Minas Gerais.

Forgotten in time, the tourist population finds it in 1970 year. The historic center offers many beautiful and old buildings and streets, and also the sights, the city is known for its many islands such as Ilya dos Meroz, famed because of the best conditions for diving, but powerful waterfalls as Pedra Branca and Andorinjas. The famous buildings you can visit the fortress Forte Defensor Perpetuo from the 18th century, the cultural center Casa to culture and the famous theater of puppets where performances performed glorious artistic groups. The site offers numerous physical activities. You can rent a boat and floating across the bay, asking for, among numerous islands, your perfect beach or visit the sites suitable for diving, if you have a passion or simply curiosity towards this activity. If water activities still aren’t your prefers, you can also find walking tours that will take you through the Atlantic rain forest, until the tropical beaches such as Praia da Sono.

For all the literature lovers, the city held a literary festival FLIP on July, where many famous guests secular writers. During this period the hotels are totally full. If you want to dance, Paraty offers many bars and nightclubs. For those with a taste for kinky, we suggest you to visit the festival of mud. Smear with mud and join them in singing crowds on the Jabaquara beach. This kind of less crazy party relieves stress and enslavement of everyday norms. To relax, go to the Asian spa center, close to the center of the historic city and enjoy the treatment and stunning views of the bay. In addition, Paraty has many luxury resorts that will contribute to completely relax and enjoy the numerous amenities offered by this enchanting place.