If you want to catch a gentleman, ACT like a LADY! Find out how to wear your jewelry properly!

To be a lady in the right sense of meaning should comply with more rules. But here we are committed to the proper wearing of jewelery, i.e. in which occasion what to wear, and in which to avoid.
Jewelry enriches our outlook and at the same time emphasizes the beauty of the body part. Historically served as a decoration on the head, neck, ears, hands, and rarely had a practical function as a clock, hair clips, and buttons and so on. The necklines are mostly worn-off families, as represented prestige. Most often wore necklaces of gold, silver or pearls were imported from the East.
Today jewelry is mass produced, and mostly it is handmade, but not loses the value. Of course, it is important to choose the right jewelry that will highlight the inner and outer beauty. But should you wear all the jewelry that possess or are there some shortcuts?

Nowadays rules on wearing jewelry aren’t as rigorous as before, but the woman who wears too much jewelry (many gold necklaces, rings on every finger, bracelets, earrings intrusive), acts profanity. While bad acts to be worn together real jewelry and costume jewelry. The most important is to be discreet jewelry and adapted to the circumstances. Team suite of sports not wear jewelry, except the clock, and for ceremonial occasions can wear diamonds or other precious stones, but no clock or without mixing gold and precious stones?!?! The wedding ring has no limit, because it indicates the status. And the most important rule – gold jewelry woman does not buy it alone! Do you hear up guys?!