Make a $15.000 face treatment at home! Save on money, not on your beauty! Miracle mask that will cost you less than $20!

If you want to spring lavish face mask, but to avoid extremely expensive treatments around popular beauty salons try this mysterious mask now! Many celebrities do not hide that use it, but also many beauty salons, with some minor differences in the blend, offer it as an ultra luxurious face mask that reaches up to $15,000 for a treatment. But it won’t cost you even $20 because we will disclose all the necessary ingredients and how to preparations thereof. So, read carefully and even after the first treatment say goodbye to acne and other facial defects.

Treatment with steam is very popular nowadays, especially because it’s natural method to clean the skin. The steam softens the skin, opens the pores and helps to clean the accumulated dirt. This warm and misty treatment can control acne and brunettes, but also can increase circulation to give you a warm, healthy and youthful glow of the skin.


Mating the person can surrender to the experts in cosmetic salons, but you the easy way to do it at home. This method of facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but we should not exaggerate its use.

Mating is recommended to do once a week, with people with oily skin can make up to twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to do with steaming treatment every two weeks.

Cleaning with steam only need to avoid people who have asthma or allergies to plants, people who are easily the skin becomes red and persons who have major problems with acne.


Separate your half hour care of your skin and make you a little home spa treatment. Perform the following steps to rejoice on clean skin and irresistible healthy glow to the face:

1. Thoroughly clean your face. Using a gentle detergent clean the skin, but do not use peeling. Wash your face with warm water to make sure no dirt or grease left on the skin.

2. Boil water. In wide pot boil at least half a liter of water. During mating you can use a skillet or Rolled metal: sheet water in large bowl. Mating can only do it with water, but for maximum effect and enjoyment, you can use herbs or essential oils. If you choose to cash the face with water, skip to Step 4.
3. Select herb or essential oil. It is believed that certain herbs and oils can further increase the benefits of mating, depending on the type of your skin.

-For oily skin: lavender, green tea, oil of eucalyptus or tea tree, thin slices of lemon, chamomile and mint.
-For dry skin: lavender, chamomile oil, rose, green tea.
-For sensitive skin: chamomile, lavender.
-For combination skin: lavender, green tea, tea tree oil.
Once you choose which will “spice up” the water, place the ingredient in the pot with hot water and let stand 5-10 minutes to cool the water. So the steam will be hot and you will avoid irritation of the skin. Moreover, the hot steam can cause the appearance of small capillaries.

4. Take a towel and prepare for treatment. Hold the hair back in a bun so you do not count. If you fall fatty forward, put his head clamp or through the whorl pull back. Take the cloth that will hold steam around the face.

5. Pare face 10-20 minutes. Lean over the water but DO NOT GET TOO. Cover with cloth to allow the steam to escape. If you have sensitive skin, it is enough money to face 10 minutes. If you have oily skin, you can stay under the towel for 20 minutes.
Allow at least 20 inches between your face and the water surface.
Close your eyes because some of the ingredients they put in the water can irritate.
Breathe deeply and relax. If you feel uncomfortable because of the heat, take small breaks and occasionally lift the towel.

6. Wipe your face with a towel. Gently wipe your face with a towel, without rubbing the skin.

7. Pull a face mask. This moment is most favorable for putting the mask. After exposure to steam your pores open and easily collect the ingredients from the mask. Not necessarily become complicated mask. For all skin types mask is recommended honey. If you have oily skin as a mask you can use egg white.

8. Wash with warm water. Warm steam opens pores, but after treatment it is necessary to close the pores. You can do it with lukewarm water.

9. Brush your face with moisturizer cream. To keep your skin soft gentle brush your face with moisturizing cream.
Let us know your experiences of using the mask!