Why Kendall Jenner choose Jenai Chin to make her newest tattoo?!?!

The tattoo artist Jenai Chin is the favorite one, not just to Kendall, but to many other celebrities who like to have something specific and unique, such as the tattoos. This very famous and extremely valuable Tattoo Master crafted each girl’s unique tat — a broken heart for Smalls, a horseshoe for Stone. Valletta even got a neck tattoo. He is also known as a Master of temporary tattoo application and design in high fashion, so it’s not surprising at all that a young famous model, such as Kendall is, will decide to left herself in the professional hands of Jenai Chin. He says that he has a special technique of working, and as we see, yes you definitely have!

Jenai Chin: “The way I work with it is that I’ll have a drawing; I’ll make a stencil of it, and the stencil is made out of the same things that we do for real tattoos, so that goes onto the skin, and instead of me using a needle and ink, I just use paint and airbrushing,”
Tattoo Master Chin told V. “Depending on what each girl got, the tattoo could have run anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half. Kendall’s was very large with a lot of line work.”
So, would you like to have one of Jenai’s tattoo ?!?

Source: Us Weekly