Ugly ridiculous expensive things!!!

Money can buy a lot of pleasures which will make your life more comfortable, but it’s true that it cannot buy everything. For example, like character, charm and a style. These items bellow are proof for that. I would not give a dollar for it, even less a whole fortune. Do you agree?

Radioactive Denim Metallic Jeans

Seriously?! A radioactive Denim pants? Who would wear it? And with price tag at $600? I have some better things to buy with that money. But, in case if you have one of these, one is for sure- you’ll definitely get an attention 

Crystal Ergoripado Vaccum

If you don’t have some better idea to drop that kind of money, buy your house cleaner this crystal vacuum and make her/him happy. I’m kidding, you won’t make her/him happier. A bigger check will make your cleaner happy, not a cleaning appliance that have more crystals than a modest necklace! And BTW, this vacuum cleaner costs almost $19.000!

Leather Gold & Silver Monopoly Set

Wasn’t it fun point of the game?!? Or you just want to boast on your friends about how rich you are?! Seriously, don’t get the point…And yeah, this “fun game” costs $7.570.

Crocodile Skin Umbrella

I assume wearing crocodile skin shoes or bags is not cool enough anymore, so the next fashion boom is crocodile skin umbrella?! Also, animal unfriendly, sadly but true, for such an ugly and useless umbrella. Price tag- $50.000

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