Every woman wants to feel sexy and beautiful, so fancy clothes and make up helps a lot in it. For your appearance to be complete, you should know how to properly apply makeup, but also make up takes a lot of money.This time we are sharing with you the most ridiculous expensive lipsticks, and some cost more than a dozen of millions!!!

Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

If we are guided by this list of lipsticks, this is far cheaper than the other two, and probably still ridiculously expensive for the ordinary consumer. It is a lipstick from which your lips will stay soft and hydrated while incandescent and attractive. The main ingredients are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Calendula and it is cosmetic product by Sisley Hydrating Long lasting lipstick. It comes in so many different colors and shades, so it’s really hard to choose just one. This lipstick costs $60.

Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick

This is a lipstick which until recently was considered as the most expensive one. For deserving that high cost price tag are 2.2 carat brilliant diamonds and 18 carat gold, which is actually made extravagant packaging. On its packaging you can even choose a message, thought or name to be engraved . The Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick has 15 lipstick shades, so surely would easily have found the right one for you if you cannot afford such a luxury pleasure. This unobtainable for everyone cosmetic miracle cost $62.000!

H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

This is definitely the most expensive lipstick that was once pond to the market, and probably will long keep the first place. In fact, obscenely high cost gotten lipstick and mascara. It is a line of lipstick from H. Couture Beauty. Their cosmetic line is luxurious and high quality, and the particular lipstick was produced by Taysha Smith Valez, H. Couture Beauty in 2006 and sold at a price of $150, while mascara cost $600. But the cost of these two cosmetics suddenly grew when Swarovski crystals on their packs were replaced with 1,200 pink diamonds on lipstick and mascara received 2,500 blue diamonds. Or total, these two cosmetic products have 3,700 diamonds so maybe now is easier to understand how a lipstick and mascara may cost 14 million !!! The price includes lifetime 24/7 telephone support, discounts, gifts packaging and similar.