Hats are great accessory, especially at winter time. Although, stylish hats are not made to warm you up, but to supplement your outlook. And how much do you think a hat can cost? See below and find out which one’s the most expensive!

5. Brent Black`s the Hat

Brent Black comes again on this list of the best hat which is made by famed Panama which was produced only one single hat in almost 4 years. The hat was made for the representation of 20 years searching and it has very fine material. The hat comes in black color which is paper thing and very less weight. It is the titfer which was woven by using perfect toquilla straw. It is very chic and unusual kind of hat.

Price tag – $ 25000

4. Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy

World’s most beautiful and viewed hat which was worn by the Princess Beatrice of New York who was a niece of Prince Charles was placed for auction on Ebay in 2011. It’s designed by Irishman Philip hat which comes in pink color and is further blended with ribbons, bow and small pink bun. Unsurprisingly, it was sold out at the high price of $133,783 and all of the selling amount was given to the UNICEF and the children in crisis all around the world. Later, back then, the hat was also worn by Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011. The entire selling amount was given to the UNICEF for the children in crisis all around the world.

Price tag – $ 133.783

3. Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea hat was designed by the Australia Ann Maree Willett, which is made from hand woven wool and a feather which is further enhanced by 26 gen quality and unsuccessfully was sold at the price of $890,000. This hat was inspired from the Milan Fashion week in 2007 which was shown in many runway shows and was very popular back then. However, the Deep Blue Sea hat is unsold in the world but is kept at the Bonham auction house.

Price tag – $ 890.000

2. Chapeau D` Amour

This is a quite different shaped hat which has the first debut at the gallery of Christie in London when a female model wore it. Later a Hollywood actress, Alicia Witt also wore this hat for the guests and people watching her. The estimated value of this hat was almost $2.7 million. Chapeau D` Amour was made from a pure platinum fabric which is encrusted with diamonds and designed on the inspiration. She said that she felt amazing and felt like a princess wearing this gorgeous and stylish hat.

Price tag – $ 2.7 Million


1. The Pope`s Tiara

Well, you surely cannot guess that the most expensive of all hats is the Pope’s Tiara. This hat is enhanced with 540 pearls, 22 emeralds, 8 sapphires, 11 diamonds, and it represents a symbol of support, respect, and deference.  This beautiful hat “The Papal Tiara” was worn by almost every pope during all their period. Then this practice was ended in 1975 with the description of their power and glory. The price of this hat was almost tens of millions of dollars.

Price tag – $ 10 Million


Source: MostLuxuriousList