What’s so extravagant about a Toilet seat?!?

Do you really believe that the toilet seat is a simple device which doesn’t take much of creativity? That it’s an ordinary, necessity piece of porcelain in your bathroom? But you probably hate cleaning the bathroom, specially that needed device you can’t live without? Well, it can be a history if you can afford “Neorest” toilet seat! Continue reading to see all the benefits of this device on the market.

The “Neorest” type of toilet seat offers you an incredible comfort, able to controlling it with a remote control and even self-cleaning. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? Well, that’s not all.

The toilet seat is heated and it also has a smart cover which is connected to a sensor that opens when someone is approaching by the shell. There is constantly flowing a small amount of water, so the shell stays clean all time and nothing had stuck in it.

The shell has a built which pulls after you clean and heated water despite consist of heated dryer because you don’t you need toilet paper.

In this shell there are built-in sensors for release of water and self-emptying the shell, so you don’t have to do that disgusting thing any more. Even more, it also has a built-in deodorant space not unpleasant odor.

When the shell is not in use, it has a special UV light that decomposes faeces and other bacteria.

This toilet seat cost $10.000, but we are convinced that it’s worth every penny of that!

Do you agree?