How much for a COFFEE? – What about $600!?!?!?

Did you think coffee is basic item you have at home? Think again after you’ll read this!!!

Many people can’t even start up the day without that well-known smell of a quality coffee.

Yes, we all know the difference between good cup of a hot coffee and the bad once, but we make that difference according to our taste. While shopping in the supermarket we don’t give much attention to the price tag of the coffee, because there isn’t any huge difference in the prices. But from now on, that information is not true. Why? Because coffee can cost up to $600 if it’s Kopi Luwak kind of coffee!

First reason why this kind of coffee is so expensive is the unusual process of producing. This coffee is produced from the coffee beans that are digested by a certain Indonesian cat, called civet cat. Kopi Luwak is also known as cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee.
So, if we weren’t clear enough by now, let’s say it simply: the coffee beans are eaten by this kind of wild civet cat which is non-caged and after a digestion are proceeding in a coffee for selling to the market. You can find Kopi Luwak coffee for a price tag of $100 per cup of coffee, or some dollar less, depending the place you order from. If you want to taste it at home, you are going to need to pay $600 for almost 500gr!

But don’t freak out! This kind of coffee is totally harmless to the animals; in fact animal friendly type is one of the basics you can recognize the original Kopi Luwak coffee from the fakes. On the market there are some kinds of coffee that are represented like Kopi Luwak but they actually aren’t! They are using caged animals and make all the producing process unnaturally, for more money and less time. So, if you want to buy it, look for a certificate, checked animal friendly and of course look at the price. You can’t find the original cat poop coffee for less money and if you did than it is a fake one!

At the end, if you have an opportunity, will you taste one cup of a Kopi Luwak? Or maybe you already tasted it? Was it good?