Ultra EXPENSIVE and LUXURY gift ideas for your LADY!!!

As the Valentine’s Day is coming up, shops are full of gift for your loved one. But most of them are heart pillows or a teddy bear or something similar that is not good enough for those lovely eyes which make you smile trough the past year. If you really want to show your lover how much you care about her/him you will need to find some more specific, more personal kind of a present. We make a list of an exclusive, an expensive gift ideas for you and we are hoping that you will find something that will catch you eye.

Gift ideas for her


A two stone Diamond ring by BVLGARI

You won’t make a mistake if you give her this gorgeous ring as a present. This flawless diamond ring features two triangles-cut diamonds. One of them is vivid blue color and weight approximately 10.95 carats. The other one is colorless and weight approximately 9.87 carats. The hoop on which diamonds are mounted are made of pure gold. The ring was created in 1972 and it’s coming with an original Bvlgari silk box. This two stone diamond ring cost $15,762,500!!!


A passionate night in penthouse suite in Hotel Victor with the Most Exclusive Spa Treatment- Evian Bath for $5,000

If you want to refresh yourself, get relaxed and to spend some quality time together, than this is the right choice for you. This kind of a suite will cost you $10.000 per night and for the treatment you need to pay an extra $5.000. The spa includes 100 bottles of French mineral water, champagne and a dessert, and the rest of the fairytale is up to you. The pleasure is guaranteed. This will be definitely a night to remember a long time after.


The most Luxury underwear set! :Teigan Bra Peach, Teigan Brief Peach and Teigan Suspender Peach by Agent provocateur.


Wake up the fantasy and passion! Celebrate love like romantic soul mates. Read the link below for more information about this incredibly sexy set!