Mercedes-AMG G65, what do you think about this SUV?

Even in a world with no shortage of ridiculousness, the Mercedes-AMG G65, a three-ton military vehicle crammed to overflowing with a 621-hp V-12 and quilted leather, stands tall as an exemplar of absurdity.
The V-12 in question is the twin-turbocharged, three-valve-per-cylinder unit that’s been available in S-class coupes and sedans and the SL convertible for years. It makes 738 pound-feet of torque. As with the other Mercedes V-12 models, the G65’s engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic. And, also like the other V-12 models, it costs more than $200,000.

The V-12–powered G trails the V-8–motivated one by a few tenths of a second to 60 mph (5.1 to 4.8) and a few tenths in the quarter-mile (13.6 seconds to 13.3). But that’s still pretty darn quick for a vehicle the shape of an outbuilding. And it will power on to a governed 140 mph, if common sense doesn’t convince you to back off at anything above 100.