Learn table manners like a royal

If you are planning to go to a businesslike dinner party or even better to organize one, you should remember these table manners. Nowadays, it seems everybody wants to break the rules, but let’s be honest “eating rules” are sign for a good behavior.

If you are not sure how to act while entertaining to a dinner read these few stuff and make everyone jealous of your good, royal behavior.

First of all – How to do the table?

The plate need be approximately one inch from the edge of the table. The fork always must be on the left side of the plate and the knife is on the right side. No matter are you eating a burger or a sushi you must use your cutlery correctly, otherwise it means “barbaric” behavior. And the last, but not less importantly are the glasses which goes above the knife.

Seating and “speaking”:

Husbands should never seat next to their wives. The conversation starts anticlockwise around the table at the start of a meal. Very loud laughing and waving with arms is definitely not appropriate.

It doesn’t look so hard, does it?