Most luxurious peace of furniture

You want to have this at home! A list of the most luxurious peace of furniture of all time. 

Archeo Copper Bathtub

A bathroom is not complete if there isn’t a bathtub. That’s the place where you can relax and put the stress away. But not every bathtub gives your eyes the same pleasure as the joy of bathing in. The Archeo Copper Bathtub is made from solid copper which has a handheld shower and fluted faucet. This bathtub is actually suitable for all sizes of people. And you’ll never guess who designed it!?! The extra luxury Archeo Copper bathtub is designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who also designed Statue of Liberty in NY and Gustave Eiffel in Paris. So, the price of $67,557 is not surprising at all.

The Dragons Chair

If you are insecure in your own taste, just look what fashion leads own. And when Yves Saint Laurent own something, that piece of furniture must be as hell as expensive. This chair from 19th century was designed by an Irish designer Eileen Gray and it was sold for $27.8 million !
The Badminton Chest

This unique cabinet from late 20th century took 6 years of 30 different experts in that time, so it’s very expectedly that the most luxurious and the most expensive piece of furniture. It cost dizzy $36.7 million!