Are you willin’ to spent SOME money for a PEN and LIGHTER… Read This…

Billionaire’s favorite pen! Are you willin’ to pay $1.47 Million for a pen and $79000 for Lighter ?!?!?!

Aurora Diamante fountain pen

Billionaire’s signature costs so much more than signatures of the ordinary people. And there is no doubt that their favorite pen is actually the most expensive and elite one- Aurora Diamante fountain pen. Aurora Pens is an Italian company that makes high premium pens. This specifically pen is made of DeBeers diamonds more than 30 karats and 24 karat gold in single one pen! It also has rhodium treated 18 KT solid gold nib. And the price is astonishing $1.47 million !!!


S.T. DuPont Ligne 2 Lighter

If you want to light up a women do it with a style, like a gentleman’s do. This stylish lighter was made of diamonds and each diamond weighed 5.2 karats. It value is $79,000. There are also three different versions of this lighter made of pure gold, white gold and rose gold.