Top 10 expensive leather jackets for 2016

So here is the list of top 10 most expensive leather jackets in the world 2016.

10: Golden Goose Leather Bomber Jacket

Black calf leather bomber jacket is from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand featuring a artificial fur neckline, a front zip binding, consist of a zipped chest pocket, long sleeves, front flap pockets, a ridged border and manacles and a artificial fur lining, jacket of this brand is mostly made in Italy therefore available in best price. This brand not only offer best jackets for men but also for women and children but this jackets is considered as mysterious one of all, because with this luxurious jacket everyday fundamentals are made spendthrift and brand is making best jackets everyday so this jacket has price about $2100.

9: Embroidered leather jacket by Gucci

Embroidered leather jacket is another beautiful jacket which is prepared by famous brand of the world Gucci as there is no doubt that Gucci is most expensive brand so this brand has exclusive products which are not only symbol of power, excellence, high class and glamour. This jacket is available in dark grey color; this is called as embroidered jackets because there is large embroidered motif work on the back of this best one, features of this jacket consist of press stud collar, flap two zipper, zipped cuffs and also apaulettes, jacket has also very soft leather finish and also made slim fit. Price is $7980

8: Exclusive Jacket by Balmian

The stunning jacket which is available with beautiful design because this is prepared by best soft material and leather, due to design as well as material used in this jacket, this is afford by only richest people of the world, this is prepared by famous brand Balmian in hard brown color. This jacket has pressed collar, prepared with soft leather finish and also slim fit to every person, but this is available with eye popping price of more than $5400 and keep in mind that this price is just principal because it does not includes postage and all taxes so there are possibilities of further increment in the price of this jacket.

7: Western Leather Jacket by Dolce & Gabbana

Western leather jacket is also another best jacket of the world as this prepared by famous clothing company Dolce & Gabbana, so features of this high standard jacket consist of lamb skin and Black calf leather, this jacket featuring a high status collar, zipped cuffs, white embroidered cactus, pink embroidered roses, a front zip fastening, long sleeves, side pockets, gun patches and a quilted lining. Another best thing about this jacket that this is available not only single color but in different beautiful eye catching colors so this is available in best price of $5141 and so far best jacket by the brand.

6: Givenchy star Patch Leather Jacket

Givenchy Star Patch Leather jacket is mostly used by bikers therefore prepared by solid and best material so this is another most luxurious jacket brand which is available in the market, features of this jacket includes Black lambskin star a band collar, a panelled color chunk design, front zipped pockets, an off-centre front zip binding, a press stud binding, elbow patches, zip cuffs, long sleeves, quilted particulars and a directly hem as this is made in standard measurements therefore fit to everybody, there is a star made on every sleeve of Jacket which shows the beauty of brand, so price of this jacket is all about $5197.

5: Moncler Padded Sleeve Shearling Jacket

Moncler Padded Sleeve Shearling is most beautiful leather which is mostly used by motor biker because of material used in the preparation of this best one, main features of this jacket including Dark brown shearling padded a classic collar, front flap pockets, long sleeves, a front zip fastening, and a straight hem. This is prepared by the skin of Sheep, polyamide or Shearling therefore mostly available in Brown color, this is called as best ever leather jacket by the company till now because this is most liked by the lovers of this brand despite highest price which is never less than $5209 in the market.

4: Beaver-Trimmed Leather Jacket

Beaver Trimmed Leather jacket is another best one which is prepared by mysterious material and leather therefore this brand is getting much popularity by making skin jackets but most important about this jacket, this is considered as most luxurious brand of the world. Main features of this jacket are this is full black granule leather jacket, buckled strap under the collar, two front flap pockets, black fur detachable collar, wool jersey trim, quilted lining, two inner pockets, zip fastening and more prepared in Argentine and Italy with pure leather of deer therefore this is prepared with high and best price tag of 5580 pounds.

3: Saint Laurent Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Best choice of bikers is always none others of Saint Laurent Classic Motorcycle jacket because this is not only prepared well but also with best material and design, main features of this jacket including Black calf leather standard studded motorcycle jacket from Saint Laurent featuring a standard collar, a front flap pocket, an off-centre front zip fastening, a straight hem, front zipped pockets, epaulettes on the shoulders, long sleeves, silver-tone stud detailing, zip cuffs, a full cotton blend lining and a belted waist, this is prepared mostly in Italy so price of this master piece is about $6121 and making it most luxurious one.

2: Leather bomber by Balmian

Leather bomber is most beautiful and expensive leather jacket by Balmian, due to best material used in this jacket, considered as celebrity jacket because this is wear by most famous celebrities of the world which include Kanye West, Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber. This jacket includes front zip with beautiful studded buttons, zip long sleeves, two front pockets, ribbed knit trims which give this jacket impressive look therefore also used by the bikers, this is mostly available mostly in black color, and this is also called as collegiate leather bomber jacket and also considered as most expensive jacket for men. Price is $5279

1: The Thriller Jacket

The thriller jacket which is also called as the most expensive leather jacket because this is wore by Michael Jackson in his song Thriller in 1983 therefore this is called as the iconic red jacket of the world, the jacket sold for $1.8 million in 2011. So buyer of this jacket called this the great rock and roll memorable piece in the history of world, this jacket was designed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis and called as the hottest outwear in 1980s, It is even emulated by stars of today which includes Kanye West and Chris Brown, many fashion designers tried to prepare the copy design of this jacket but it was cancelled later on.

Source: The Mesh News