Luxury Car of the Year 2016 by AutoExpress: Read And VOTE!!!

This year, a host of new and updated luxury cars are vying for the attention of well heeled buyers, but none has been able to knock the Mercedes S-Class off its perch, and it seals its third win on the trot in 2016. It doesn’t matter whether you look at the car’s cutting-edge technology, its imposing design or its beautifully crafted interior, the latest S-Class sets new standards in every area.

Then there’s its comfort and refinement.

All models come as standard with air-suspension, which effortlessly soaks up bumps and potholes as if they weren’t there. There’s even the clever Magic Ride Control that uses cameras to scan the road ahead and prime the suspension for the terrain. All versions feature a long-wheelbase bodystyle  that offers acres of space in the back, while reclining seats add to the club class atmosphere.

Then there’s the tasteful design and hand-crafted finish that constantly remind you you’re in something special. It’s not just passengers who benefit from Mercedes’ single-minded pursuit of perfection, as the S-Class is as good to drive as it is to be chauffeured in. The slick steering and muted yet muscular V6 diesel give it the sort of agility and pace you’d expect from a car half its size. And for those with the deepest pockets, the wild AMG-tuned S 63 and S 65 pack a punch that will leave supercar drivers red-faced. There’s even a choice of eco-friendly hybrids – traditional petrol and diesel/electric models, plus a more advanced petrol plug-in.

And like all generations, the current car is a rolling test bed for Mercedes’ latest tech. From its autonomous cruise control to its extensive use of TFT screens in the cabin, the S-Class is always ahead of the curve. We crowned the previous model our luxury car champ for seven years on the trot. On this basis, it could be a long time before we hand the award to any other car.

Source: AutoExpress