4 express solutions against the strong and unpleasant smell of the body

The advent of hot days increases the intensity of perspiration. An unpleasant smell that sometimes we feel is a result of the creation underarm bacteria.

With the help of the following rules will enable undisturbed work in the functioning of your glands, and therefore will reduce the strong smell.

Remove hairs

During the warmer days, regular removal of underarm hair is a great solution against dull sweating. This will reduce the formation of unpleasant odor because it is the fibers retain all bacteria that produce it.

Use deodorant

After every shower, be sure to apply deodorant. Best choice deodorants are those without aluminum, because they don’t clog the pores and don’t hinder the work of the sweat glands.

Keep wet wipes handy

Whenever you feel that your armpits are wet and you are not able to take a shower, refresh with antibacterial wipes.

When bosom will be completely dry, re-apply deodorant. Also, you can make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, which will apply with cotton wool. Wait to dry completely, and then apply deodorant.

Use pads

If your sweating is intense, to avoid dark stains on clothes by placing daily pads that quickly and effcacious absorb perspiration. All you need to do is paste the inset clothes underarms and enjoy the day without odors.