Bedroom Ideas for Young Couples

We all know that relationships are about compromise. Some things are easy to agree on — he gets to choose the next restaurant for date night if he sits with you through your favorite chick flick. But, how exactly do you compromise when it comes to decorating your home — more specifically, your bedroom? You may not think your clashing styles can live in harmony, but by combining just the right amount of each style and

incorporating elements you both love, it can work. Follow our tips below to help you get started.

Use Your Favorite Colors

You live blue hues and he loves warmer tones, so combine them. You’ll be surprised at how many colors pair well together. And if you still can’t stand your favorite colors in one space, go with a neutral you can agree on and add each color in small doses.

Combine Masculine + Feminine Patterns

Menswear fabric works well with many different patterns. Use floral patterns in an accent wall or window treatments, and add menswear accents through bed pillows and other furnishings so both of you are happy.

Hang Artwork

If you place a piece of art or image of your favorite vacation spot front and center, you’ll both love spending time in the bedroom.

Add Some Romance

Who doesn’t love a little romance? Bring in dreamy elements, such as a canopy bed with sheer curtains and ambient lighting.