5 Tibetan exercises that train all the muscle for 10 minutes

There are complex and intricate training, but this is definitely not one of them.

If you appreciate the simplicity of rapid training, then try this Tibetan training today.

It consists of 5 exercises that activate all the muscles of the body without too much effort.

1.Stand upright with arms outstretched at the height of the shoulders. Rotate the body moving on the clock, then back, the more you can.

2.Lying in the back. Maximum relax. When you inhale, lift your legs up until they reach an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. During that time, the hands should be glued to the ground, his head too slowly leaning towards the legs.

3.Kneel on knees Position as the illustration. Hold back straight and head slowly tilt forwards until you touch the chest. Hands stick them on your thighs. Then as you slowly begin to revisit head back, arms move to the buttocks. Breathe in and out loud.

4.Sit on the floor with straight legs and body angle of 90 degrees. Hands stable despite them rely thighs. Breathe out. While taking breath, lift the body with knees bent as in the illustration.

5.Rely on the hands and feet should not you touch the ground. Hold the feet. Straighten your back and breathe. While breathing in, make a triangle, or lift the buttocks, leaning on hand and foot.

The first week exercises Repeat 3 times.

The second week Repeat 5 times, and the third week 7 times.

Further, hook-up to 21 repetitions.