Home Decoration: Flowers in your living space

Flowers are so IN right now, and not just in a vase but on the walls, furniture and other décor as well… Floral decorations are not just a thing of the past and something our moms and grandmothers had on walls in the form of wallpaper, furniture and other decor.

Over the last few years, they are increasingly present in the interior design, either in the back or modern or combined of these two styles.

Specifically, they give the space a special note, atmosphere and charm, which is not to such an extent achievable with any other décor.

So, if you are thinking about renovating your home or about at least a small refreshment of your living space, flower patterns are something you should definitely consider.

Floral wallpaper in retro style

Retro is not just a retro, it’s back in fashion. It is intended for everyone who wants to achieve the old-fashioned charm and warmth of the homes that are home to our grandmothers … You can combine retro wallpaper with old fashioned furniture, modern furniture, woodwork and other decor, which is very popular today.

However, it should be remembered that furnishings and decor in the backstreet give the space a special charm.

Modern floral wallpaper

For those who love modern interior design and do not want to look uniform, cold and sterile, flower wallpaper is certainly one of the great choices.

Floral furniture

Renew the old armchair, chairs, cabinet with flower patterns and give them a new glow and place in the home. Even if you do not like too many colors, one piece of floral furniture can break the monotony and give space to the designer’s guts.

Floral Decor

If you are not sure that floral wallpaper and furniture in floral notes is the right choice for you, the floral decor is a real compromise and an excellent addition.

As you can see, just a few cushions, curtains, or floral design can make a big difference in space. If you do not like it, it’s easy to remove them.