Who is Danielle Bregoli? Cash Me Ousside girl and Instagram sensation that annoys everyone

The 14-year-old has been involved in numerous spats since appearing on Dr Phil.

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘Cash Me Ousside girl’ recently, and are wondering what on earth all the fuss is about, here is everything you need to know.

Who is Danielle Bregoli?

American Danielle Bregoli, who has sprung to global attention at the age of 14, is quite the little menace.

She says her signature accent, which has won her viral meme fame, is from “the streets”.

Danielle also claims to have stopped going to school in the seventh grade.

She’s become something of a celebrity, with Danielle reportedly charging £32,000 for a public appearance at Rolling Loud Music Festival, in May.

According to TMZ, Danielle is being paid the five-figure sum for meet-and-greets with her ‘fans’.

It was also reported that the teen planned to flog tickets to her 14th birthday bash.

Ahead of turning 14, she revealed that she wants a Maybach Mercedes – worth £200,000 – as a present.

The viral sensation could now be set to ‘become a millionaire’ by the end of the year.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Danielle is doing product placements on Instagram, where she has 8.3 million followers, for Fit Tea and Postmates.

Celebrities with Danielle’s following can apparently make as much as £40,000 on a single post.

Paired with her £30,000 meet and greet charges and the revelation that she’s set to star in her own reality TV show, the website has estimated Danielle already has a net worth of just over £150,000.

Therefore the site said it is “completely possible” for Danielle to be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

She’s even got her own bodyguard, hench Frank Dellatto who is originally from Florida.

How did Danielle Bregoli become famous?

Danielle appeared on the Dr Phil Show in September 2016, in an episode that dealt with parents and their unruly teems.

Danielle’s despairing mum Barbara Ann revealed that she was pulling her hair out over her child – who would run away four times in one day, and steal her credit cards

While her life was laid bare on camera, Danielle became annoyed at the “whores” – aka audience members – who were laughing at her.

Turning to threats, Danielle asked the audience: “Catch me outside, how about that?”

But, because of her accent, it sounded a lot more that: “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

This has become her signature catchphrase – and a meme which has gone all over the internet.