Weekend “Cheaters” Diet – You can eat everything you want

Nutrition for those who can not stick to a strict diet.

There are two reasons why some people are unsuccessful in losing weight – over-saturation and saturation in diet. This diet – because this is a lifelong diet – will allow you to eat your favorite food without any conscience, prevent the feeling of restraint and monotony, as well as slow down your metabolism, which is often the case with very strict diets.


The main assumption of this diet, which is actually called “Cheaters diet” and whose author is the American physician for the thickness of Paul Rivas, is that weight loss will be achieved by eating healthy throughout the working week and “leaping” from 9 am to Saturday Sunday evening.

Diet Plan

During the working week, people on the diet are advised to eat a Mediterranean diet with three bigger and two smaller meals a day (from 1,300 to a maximum of 1,500 calories a day). The composition and quantity of each meal is based on the method of the plate (not the largest but medium in size): one half of the plate for vegetables and / or fruits; One quarter for proteins; A quarter for whole grains. As for the frame quantities, the next measure is: open palm of vegetables, protein card box and cereal ice cream balls.

The bunches include berries and citrus fruits (fruit with a smaller sugar content), nuts (how much do you get in hand), boiled eggs or apricots with a little olive oil, unleavened yogurt, chef or cheese, a protein without sugar.

During the week necessary to avoid:


White flour and all the produce thereof


Polyunsaturated fat – all industrially refined oils (soy, sunflower, rump, corn, olive oil and coconut), margarine. Keep in mind that recipes are also found in industrial biscuits, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, chips and many types of chocolate

You have to try to include the nutrition:


Vegetables and fruits (avoid the one with lots of sugar)



Healthy fat (olive and coconut oil, butter)

Whole grains

Sea fruits and fish

Berry fruit

Dr. Rivas argues that you must be cheated on weekends to “shock your metabolism” and accelerate the loss of fat deposits. From Saturday at 9am to 9pm you can enjoy the food whatever you want.

If you want to count calories, we advise you to eat about 20 calories per kg of body weight a day (for example, if you are 70 kilograms heavy, eat about an additional 1400 calories on Saturday and Sunday). So, it is not allowed to completely lose control and be overwhelmed in those two days!

Dr. Rivas also gave suggestions of some foods that are a good choice for “sinning” days (due to their nutritional value)

These are:




peanut butter

Baking with cinnamon

ice cream

A biscuit with strawberries


Greasy meat


Example menu for one day:


2 eggs, in any way

1 orange or half grapefruit

Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener and unleavened milk


One hand peanut (dried fried)


125 g tune, cast on integral tortilla. Mix with olive oil, mustard or lemon with salt and pepper as needed

1 tomato and green salad

1 portion of any vegetable

Iced tea or lemon water with artificial sweetener


Cup of non-yogurt yoghurt (up to 250 ml)


Roasted chicken breast (half of the whole breasts)

Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in pairs

Wild rice

Nothing without moving and exercising

Dr. Rivas as a very important item in this diet cites exercise. It encourages more frequent exercise, at least three to four times a week.

Weekly Exercise Plan He Recommends:

Once T.A.B.V (thermogenesis without exercise) five days a week – these are recreational activities we do not consider otherwise workout – garden work, cleaning, slower walking, for example when shopping …

Steep a walk for at least two days a week (go for 15 minutes and go for an hour)

Power exercises (with weights) 20 to 30 minutes two days a week

Sweeping and moving after meals whenever possible

Our opinion

This diet could be useful for people who have long-term refusal issues from their favorite foods or by ejecting some food from the diet. This way you have the opportunity to eat whatever you want, as long as you are keeping a healthy diet.

However, it is quite clear that this diet is not a long-term diet that will be easier to lose, but that process will also last longer.

The premise of this diet is good, and the so-called “carbohydrate filling” (ie sugar, flour, potato …) has proven to “shock” metabolism so as not to slip. However, full two days of eating unhealthy food is probably not the best option even if it is calorie-restricted.

If you want to lose weight quicker, reduce the duration of the “when all is allowed” period is limited to just one day or, if you can, half a day – for example, Sunday lunch and breakfast or dinner. And do not just “kill” that food. Moderation is a virtue!